Amateur Radio Exam Sessions


Amateur radio license testing will be available for everyone wishing to test for a new license or upgrade their current license.  The tests will be administered by volunteer examiners accredited by the ARRL/VEC.

When:  Generally, the fourth Saturday** of each month.  Testing starts at 9:30 AM local.
(** Be sure to check the home page for club meeting date announcements or HERE)
Where:  Oak Forest Masonic Lodge dining room at 4721 Watonga, Houston, TX 77092
Who:  For more information, contact John Westerlage N5DWI at
How much:  $15.00 cash (exact amount only), check or money order made payable to "ARRL/VEC", no credit cards.

What you will need to bring:
- $15 Cash, Check or Money Order
- A copy of your ID.
- A printout of your FRN. (see below)
- A printed copy of your FCC Form 605. (see below)

FRN: Get your FRN instantly HERE.
- Fill this out online, then print out two copies; one for yorself, and one to turn in. DO THIS FIRST, as you will need this number for Form 605 below.

NCVEC Form 605: Get your NCVEC Form 605 HERE.
- Please do NOT enter your Social Security number on this form. Enter your FRN (this is for your protection against identity theft). Also, although not required, please enter your email address on the 605. This will allow the ARRL to contact you quickly should there be any questions that need clearing up. Fill out this interactive form, then print out two copies; one for yourself, and one to turn in.

Kindly notify John Westerlage at that you're coming ahead of time. You'll receive this form in response.

Walk-ins are welcome also. 

Candidates who successfully complete an element may take the next higher element at no additional charge.  For instance, if you pass the Technician test (element 2), you may take the General test (element 3) for no additional charge.  The same is true from General to Extra. If you wish to repeat an exam element not passed, you may do so for an additional $15 fee.

If you are planning to upgrade your license, you must
bring the original and a copy of your FCC license and any CSCEs that apply.  The copy must be sent in with your application and test materials to the ARRL for processing.


***Original and Copy***


In addition to books, there are many free resources available on the Internet.  Before buying a program or access to a site, make sure that you can't find the material you are looking for on a free site.

Practice Exams

All the sites below will generate correctly weighted practice exams using the current question pools.  In other words, it's the "real deal" in terms of taking a test similar to the one a VEC will issue.

Additional Resources

FCC Resources