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Houston, Texas

  Weekly net on Tuesdays, 8:00 PM US Central Time • Local repeater 145.17 MHz (-) PL 123 • Echolink node 5551 on the KA5QDG Repeater - Thanks Wayne!

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NOTICE: The next OFARC meeting and ARRL testing session will be March 24th, 2018.

THE NEXT MONTHLY MEETING OF OAK FOREST AMATEUR RADIO CLUB IS IN FEBUARY 2018!!!   The March meeting is being held on March 24, 2018.   As usual, we will meet at Denny's for breakfast at 8:00AM, followed by the meeting at the Oak Forest Masonic Lodge starting 9:00AM.

We encourage club members to consider purchasing a club shirt (or a new HAT).   Jim (KD5WVE) is putting together orders, and we can get a better deal if we order several... If you would like to order a shirt (or a hat), please contact Jim at KD5WVE.


Activities for the Next OFARC Meeting

Shack of the Many Months - Wow!! Richard Arvedson (KF5RSA)

Really guys... Take a picture of your shack / rig / go box / manpack, and send it to Barry at KG5IRR. We'll post a different photo every month!

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